Thursday, September 10, 2009

2009 NFL Preview: Denver Broncos

By JFein

Our last one! The Denver Broncos also underwent a lot of change in the off-season, bringing in 2 former staples of the Eagles in Brian Dawkins and Corell Buckhalter, firing Mike Shanahan, hiring Josh McDaniels, and trading Jay Cutler for Kyle "Neckbeard The Pirate" Orton. So without further ado, here is the last of the 2009 NFL Previews!

New Coach: As mentioned earlier, the Denver Broncos have a new coach in Josh McDaniels. I always felt that Shanahan was a popular figure there, but it seems like things unraveled greatly over the past few months and it's good riddance to him and Cutler, who in a sense, represented the Shanahan era. I'm curious to see what McDaniels can bring to the table especially seeing as talent-wise, the Broncos and McDaniels don't have much to work with.

New QB I honestly can't believe that the Broncos think that Neckbeard The Pirate is the answer to their Jay Cutler's. Actually, I can't even believe that Kyle Orton is still in the NFL let alone starting somewhere. And unless some great epiphany occurs within him this year, expect to see epic suck at that position for Denver.

Brandon Marshall It fugures that the team's most talented player is also their biggest troublemaker. And is it just me or is suspending him for the last 2 pre-season games more of a reward than it is a punishment. After all, generally mostly bad things and injuries can come from pre-season games.

B-Dawk: B-Dawk is now a Bronco. If he is still healthy and playing Week 16, you can expect a plethora of emotions and mixed reactions at Lincoln Financial Field that Sunday.

Throw-Ups: This is what the Broncos are giving us for their AFL throwbacks.

I am nauseous.

Video: There really is nothing like the love between a man and his beard....

He's your QB now, Denver!

Prediction: 4-12, 3rd Place AFC West. They'd be last, but if I were doing the Raiders prediction, I would have had them at 2-14. Al Davis deserves that. Seahawks fans are quite excited about these possibilities for the Broncos this year and I don't blame them. They have their draft pick and even though it is hard to say for sure this far in advance, this draft class looks like it is going to be completely loaded with talent at the top.

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  1. My former boss wore those jersey's. He was a part of the original Bronoco's and he will be at their aniversary game.

  2. Oh wow. That's awesome.

    It still does not change the fact though that the jersies themselves are hideous to look at.....


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