Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blue Jays-Yankees Brawl FTW!

There's something so great about a bench-clearing brawl that is just so fun to watch. Watch as what starts as a little love top from Carlson to Jose Posada turns into an all out bench clearing brawl!

Good times! I love how one nudge like that can start a whole bench-clearing brawl filled with players going at each others throats. It always fascinates me what on earth can cause classy, grown, and mature men to rise up from the benches and start ripping and tearing and going after other people like that. Good times over in the Bronx......goooooooood times.

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  1. Kay: Joba right in the middle

    He pushed three Blue Jays and was relieved by Alfredo Aceves.

    I'm not the biggest fan of these "Hold me back" sessions, but at least Carlson got a good scrape in the process.


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