Monday, September 7, 2009

Eagles Complete Their Practice Squad

I mentioned the other day that Danny Amendola, Rob Myers, Paul Fanaika, and Mike Gibson had made the Eagles practice squad. Well, joining them will be the following:

CB Jack Ikegwuonu
S Reshard Langford
FB Marcus Mailei
LB Jeremy Laman

Aside from Laman who is a reject from Carolina, all practice squad members were cut by the Eagles. The most notable of these names is CB Jack Ikegwuonu who was a highly toted later-round draft pick before he was placed on IR at the start of last season and had only a subpar pre-season this year with the Eagles. Eagles have enormous depth this year in the secondary and that certainly does Ikegwuonu no favors. At this point, I'm just waiting to see who the Eagles will name as starting full safety. My gut says the Eagles will name Quintin Demps who has never impressed me, but my hope is that they will give the job to the rookie Macho Harris (we've converted him). He has looked real good in the pre-season and I flat out like the kid. Plus, Macho Harris sounds like just the guy I want on my team to be Brian Dawkins' replacement.

Eagles add 4 more to round out practice squad (All Things Philly Sports)

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