Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 1 Monday Night Choke Job Part 1

I'd add commentary, but it's 1:49 AM and I'm practically dead. So just enjoy the last 3 minutes of the Bills-Pats game and I'll try to get something up tomorrow morning for the 2nd MNF choke job (a.k.a. Raiders-Chargers).

The Bills just find new ways to lose Monday Night Football games and break my heart in the process. First Dallas, now New England (both by a score of 25-24, mind you), could they at least play the Eagles or San Diego, or another team I decently like/respect and choke to them. When he left the Eagles, I never thought I would openly cheer for T.O. again when the game had no impact on the Eagles. Well, I was wrong, and look what happened.

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