Thursday, April 16, 2009

2009 NBA Conference Quarterfinal Schedule

Yes, I know that I'm sure that in a few minutes AA will have his own schedule up, but I enjoy creating my own and putting them up on my sidebar so that I can always reference them quickly. And while I'm not the biggest NBA follower, I do not remember the NBA playoffs starting this early. I thought there was a bigger difference of time from when the Stanley Cup playoffs started to when the NBA Playoffs started. Maybe the NHL was a few days later this year. Well, regardless, here is this year's schedule. (all times eastern) (all announcers courtesy of Awful Announcing

Eastern Conference

#1 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. #8 Detroit Pistons
Game 1: Cavaliers 102-84
Game 2: Cavaliers 94-82
Game 3: Cavaliers 79-68
Game 4: Cavaliers 99-78
Cleveland wins the series 4-0.

#2 Boston Celtics vs. #7 Chicago Bulls
Game 1: Bulls 105-103 F/OT
Game 2: Celtics 118-115
Game 3: Celtics 107-86
Game 4: Bulls 121-118 F/2OT
Game 5: Celtics 106-104 F/OT
Game 6: Bulls 128-127 F/3OT
Game 7: Celtics 109-99
Boston wins the series 4-3.

#3 Orlando Magic vs. #6 Philadelphia 76ers
Game 1: 76ers 100-98
Game 2: Magic 96-87
Game 3: 76ers 96-94
Game 4: Magic 84-81
Game 5: Magic 91-78
Game 6: Magic 114-89
Orlando wins the series 4-2.

#4 Atlanta Hawks vs. #5 Miami Heat
Game 1: Hawks 90-64
Game 2: Heat 108-93
Game 3: Heat 107-78
Game 4: Hawks 81-71
Game 5: Hawks 106-91
Game 6: Heat 98-72
Game 7: Hawks 91-78
Atlanta wins the series 4-3.

Western Conference

#1 Los Angeles Lakers vs. #8 Utah Jazz
Game 1: Lakers 113-100
Game 2: Lakers 119-109
Game 3: Jazz 88-86
Game 4: Lakers 108-94
Game 5: Lakers 107-96
Los Angeles wins the series 4-1.

#2 Denver Nuggets vs. #7 New Orleans
Game 1: Nuggets 113-84
Game 2: Nuggets 108-93
Game 3: Hornets 95-93
Game 4: Nuggets 121-63
Game 5: Nuggets 107-86
Denver wins the series 4-1.

#3 San Antonio Spurs vs. #6 Dallas Mavericks
Game 1: Mavericks 105-97
Game 2: Spurs 105-84
Game 3: Mavericks 88-67
Game 4: Mavericks 99-90
Game 5: Mavericks 106-93
Dallas wins the series 4-1

#4 Portland Trail Blazers vs. #5 Houston Rockets
Game 1: Rockets 108-81
Game 2: Trail Blazers 107-103
Game 3: Rockets 86-83
Game 4: Rockets 89-88
Game 5: Trail Blazers 88-77
Game 6: Rockets 92-76
Houston wins the series 4-2.

I'll add the announcers next to the TV channel as they become unveiled over the coming days.

Despite beating Cleveland on their own court last night in overtime, the Sixers have not been looking too good as of late. And LeBron James did not play at all, which helped the Sixers greatly. but back to the playoffs, they, in my opinion, drew the best opponent they possibly could in the Orlando Magic. Despite playing them close, the Sixers have not been able to beat the Celtics at all, then again, they have not been able to beat the Magic at all this year, either, but the Magic have never completely blown them out either. Even though I will be paying more attention to the Stanley Cup playoffs, the NBA playoffs look quite fun as well. And while I will try to watch the Sixers at all games, if they conflict with the Flyers, I'm going with the hockey, because frankly, the Flyers could not play worse than they played last night.

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  1. And as we all know, the first round of the NBA playoffs takes one whole year to complete.


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