Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fox News Guest To Glenn Beck: "I'm Passing Out"

Yesterday was a creepy day enough as it already was. There was the passing of Harry Kalas, Mark "The Tiger" Fidrych, Bruce Snyder, there was the discovery of the goat's head on the statue of Harry Caray, and then there this was this little incident of real life on the the Glenn Beck Show on Fox News last night which is hilariously scary. David Buckner, a professor from Columbia University was on with Glenn Beck last night when he uttered the phrase, "I'm passing out" and scary hilarity erupted as Professor Buckner proceeded to wobble and pass out live, on the air! But alas, it's the reactions of Beck that steal the show and make this video hilarious and worthwhile.

I love how it took pretty much forever for Beck to pick up what was actually going on. As he was the professor was constantly going "I'm passing out" Beck was like, "okay, moving on, you're passing out, let's continue to talk....". Too funny. And the close-up of Beck at the 36-second mark...priceless.

But despite the fact that it took him awhile to process what was happening, thank goodness he was there to catch him like he did because otherwise that would have been a really hard, not-so-fun fall for Professor Buckner. It really looked like Beck's outstretched arm took away a good deal of the impact of the fall. Seriously, kudos to Mr. Beck for that one. And it is reported that the Professor is all right so there is no shame in watching this video clip and laughing. But honestly, I don't think I've ever seen anyone pass out before where they knew 5 seconds ahead of time that they were passing out.

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