Thursday, April 30, 2009

Versus Could End Up Airing The End Of The Stanley Cup Finals

So I was reading a Press Release over at Puck The Media today that highlighted Versus' highest ever 1st round ratings ever and their schedule and coverage for the next round. Nothing really earth shattering, to say the least. Hockey's ratings have been growing slowly but surely and with the tremendous excitement that came with this year's first round, it was bound to happen. However, something unrelated in that press release caught my eye that I think is worth sharing with you. (Click the Puck The Media link up top for more)

VERSUS’ 2009 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs coverage will culminate with games three and four of the Stanley Cup Final. This is a change from the past three seasons as VERSUS previously aired games one and two of the Final. NBC will broadcast games one and two of the Final as well as games five, six and seven, if necessary.
Wait a minute? Versus could end up airing the Stanley Cup winner if the series is a sweep????? While I am all in for putting games 1 and 2 on NBC as I think that that is a very good idea (get viewer interest on a network before moving it to cable), I would be hesitant to put the potential championship deciding game on a cable network. If Versus has to have 2 games of the Stanley Cup Finals, I would make it Games 2 and 3, that way you have the pre-exposure on the national level, and you are not jeopardizing your championship to be handed out on a cable network.

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