Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NBA Playoffs Day 12 Open Thread

Tonight's games....

Game 5: Miami @ Atlanta 8:00 PM (TNT - Dick Stockton and Mike Fratello, SR: Cheryl Miller)

Game 5: New Orleans @ Denver 10:30 PM (TNT - Marv Albert and Reggie Miller, SR: Marc Fein)

Enjoy the games and leave comments! Personally, I'll be taking a break from sports today and will be watching Lie To Me at 8 ET (awesome show, I highly recommend it) and working on a paper and studying for my eggsams, as my one professor last semester called them.


  1. This is awsome. Instead of showing the Presidental News Conference, Fox is giving me an hour of Family Guy.

    Lie To Me is a great show!

  2. HAHA 3-0 Giants over Dodgers

    And Lincecum is pitching!!!!


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