Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Detroit Lions Unveil New, Tougher Logo And Uniform; Scares Fans Into Believing This Will Make Them Good Again

So your team just went 0-16 and your team did not make any big moves in free agency. Now, what, do you think, is the best rememdy for this to get football fans in Detroit excited about their new team? By officially doing something that has been rumored more than anything else over the off-season. What once distant dream of the Lions has finally become a reality that will salvage the franchise? They unveiled a new logo! And new uniforms! That'll get the fans excited! It's days like this that I only dream I was a fan of such a great franchise like the Detroit Lions. So you want to see what this new logo and new uniform looks like....well, here you go.....

The helmet.....

The uniforms....

And the actual logo itself....

I believe again! The Detroit Lions will actually be a good team and even though he is no longer with them, Jon Kitna's annual 10-win guarantee will finally come true for them this year. And it's all because of this new logo and uniform!

In all seriousness, though, if the Detroit Lions do not make a big bang in the draft on Saturday, seeing as they epic failed at coercing anyone to join their mess of hopeless losers football franchise, they could easily end up experiencie 0-16 Part 2 this upcoming season.

Lions' new logo has fangs, flowing mane (The Detroit News)
New Detroit Lion logo features fiercer, leaping Lion (Comcast.net)


  1. That is a vagina friendly logo.

    /Ray Nagin'd

    At least JC can order the new version of this jersey.

  2. And Bubbles has been replaced by Owen Sixteen.

    Get it?


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