Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NBA Playoffs Day 4 Open Thread

Sorry for the lateness, I forgot. Today's games....

Game 2: Detroit @ Cleveland 8:00 PM (TNT - Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins, SR: Pam Oliver)

Game 2: Houston @ Portland 10:00 PM (NBATV)

Game 2: Utah @ Los Angeles 10:30 PM (TNT - Marv Albert and Reggie Miller, SR: Craig Sager)

Enjoy the games and leave comments!


  1. What scintillating conversations in this thread! Yeah, hockey was definitley the choic of the night tonight.

    Results of the day:
    Cavs 94-82
    Trail Blazers 107-103

    And the Lakers currently lead the Jazz 111-106 with 1:19 to go with Marv Albert on the call.

  2. Bryant extends the lead to 7 and with 49.2 there is a foul on the Lakers. Jazz to shoot 2.

  3. Lakers were up as many as 20, according to Marv.

  4. ARIZA FOR 3!!

    And that may be a dagger in this game! Lakers lead by 8 with 33.9 to go!

  5. Lakers are up by 10 and they have this one under control. 119-109 the final.


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