Thursday, April 2, 2009

Penn State Takes The NIT!

This is shaping up to be quite the epic weekend for my favorite D1 athletic programs. The Villanova Wildcats are in the Final Four and even though I have not really followed their basketball team that much (let's face it; who saw this coming?), Penn State is my favorite D1 football team and the fact that their basketball team is doing well makes me happy. And now, that PSU basketball team are the winners of the Not In Tournament National Invitational Tournament!

They rallied in the 2nd half to take down Baylor by a score of 69-63. I wish I would have actually seen it, but believe me, if you've ever had one of those days where you agree to do 30,000 different things, then you know that there was no chance of me catching this game (especially seeing as I mistakenly thought the game started at 8 and not 7).

Congrats nonetheless to the Penn State Nittany Lions men's basketball team! The winners of the 2009 NIT tournament. Now here's hoping that the Villanova Wildcats can take the NCAAs. When I'm not at college, I literally live 25 minutes from Villanova University (which I just recently found out is technically located in Radnor, PA, which as I have often mentioned, is a really wealthy area just outside of Philly; never knew the technicality, as hard as it is to believe), so it is safe to say that I am stoked for this Saturday.

Even though I am not great at analyzing basketball, I will have some semblemce of a Final Four preview up tomorrow, taking a look at what ought to be 2 very different, yet entertaining basketball games on Saturday.

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