Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ESPN Has A Unique System Of Grading Each Team's Draft

Yes, I saw this last night over at AA and was not planning on touching it, but it's a Tuesday, I'm bored out of mind, and hey, it's not like I have finals or anything this week and a paper due, right? More to the point, while initially they had a small problem with using the wrong USA Today grades (2008 instead of 2009), they have fixed it and then they have done something that I don't ever recall seeing before. They have averaged together a bunch of grades and given each team an NFL Draft GPA! So without further ado, this is what ESPN has calculated. The Valedictorians for the Class of 2009 are none other than........THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES!!! And while ESPN's format is somewhat hard to read without scrolling your lights out, I have simplified all of the GPAs for you underneath (teams ranked from highest to lowest).

1. Philadelphia Eagles: 3.56
2. New England Patriots: 3.44
3. Green Bay Packers: 3.33
3. New York Jets: 3.33
5. New York Giants: 3.30
6. Detroit Lions: 3.19
6. Cincinnati Bengals: 3.19
8. Houston Texans: 3.11
9. Arizona Cardinals: 3.07
10. Chicago Bears: 3.04
10. Baltimore Ravens: 3.04
10. Jacksonville Jaguars: 3.04
13. Atlanta Falcons: 2.96
14. St. Louis Rams: 2.74
14. Cleveland Browns: 2.74
16. Seattle Seahawks: 2.67
16. Tennessee Titans: 2.67
16. Indianapolis Colts: 2.67
19. Minnesota Vikings: 2.59
19. Buffalo Bills: 2.59
21. Pittsburgh Steelers: 2.48
22. Carolina Panthers: 2.41
22. Denver Broncos: 2.41
22. Kansas City Chiefs: 2.41
25. Miami Dolphins: 2.37
26. San Francisco 49ers: 2.33
27. New Orleans Saints: 2.30
28. San Diego Chargers: 2.22
29. Washington Redskins: 2.15
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2.00
31. Dallas Cowboys: 1.67
32. Oakland Raiders: 0.59

Like I said in my personal winners and losers post, the Raiders lost that draft so bad that they do not even deserve to be called losers. And I think that this pretty much proves it.

Consensus NFL Draft Grades (ESPN.com)

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