Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Conference Semifinals Simulated: Anaheim vs. Detroit

Over the next 48 hours or so, I will have up simulations of the NHL conference semifinal series. And while I can't guarantee you that I will have all of them done by Thursday at 9 (when the Chicago-Vancouver series starts), I can guarantee you that I will have all of them up by the time each series' respective game 1 starts (in other words, I will have Vancouver-Chicago up by 9 PM tomorrow and so on and so forth). Enjoy!

Game 1: Game 1 had quite the intense start with the Red Wings getting multiple chances on goal! And they would cap off those chances with a PENALTY SHOT! Pronger did not agree with the call and got a 10-minute misconduct! Meanwhile on the penalty shot SAMUELSSON SCORES! 1-0 Detroit! But that would not last for them. Despite being heavily out-shot, the Ducks would score 4 of the games’ next 5 goals to take a 4-2 lead in Detroit! But the Red Wings would battle back, with A GOAL BY DANIEL CLEARY WITH 3:02 TO GO! And the Red Wings have a chance in this one! The Red Wings would continue to pound Jonas Hiller with chances but he came up huge each time! And now Osgood is pulled! 1-MINUTE TO GO! SHOT BY RAFALSKI IS SAVED BY HILLER! STUART….NO!!! ZETTERBERG…STOPPED BY HILLER!! AND THAT’S IT!!! DUCKS TAKE GAME 1 IN AN UPSET!! 4-3 OVER THE RED WINGS! And the Ducks lead the series 1-0!

Game 2: Once again, the Detroit Red Wings outshot the Anaheim Ducks. This time, by a total of 55-37, but this game, unlike the last won was a blow-out win. For the Anaheim Ducks, that is! Jonas Hiller was a flat out beast in net, stopping 53 of 55 shots as the Ducks have apparently discovered Chris Osgood’s weakness. Goals by Ken Klee, 2 for Corey Perry, Scott Niedermeyer and Chris Kunitz made this one a 5-2 laugher win for the #7-seeded Ducks and they lead the series 2 games to none as the series moves to the Honda Center.

Game 3: The Detroit Red Wings were relatively limited on shots on goal this game, only getting 38, by far their lowest shot total of the season. But naturally, this was also the game that Anaheim could not light up Osgood like they did twice in Detroit. The Wings scored with 32 seconds left in the 1st when Brett Lebda knocked it home. The Ducks would retaliate 4 SECONDS LATER WITH A DRIVE BY ROB NIEDERMEYER! Into the 2nd and the Red Wings would take back the led with a Holmstrom goal. Into the 3rd, not much action so we will take you to the exciting finish with the pulling of Jonas Hiller…SUTHERBY A DRIVE…..STOPPED BY OSGOOD! PUCK GOES TO GETZLAF! CHANCE; SAVE OSGOOD!!! GETZLAF AGAIN….DENIED BY OSGOOD!!! AND THE RED WINGS CLEAR THE ZONE!!! UNDER 15 TO GO….DUCKS TRYING TO PENETRATE!! DRIVE BY NIEDERMEYER IS BLOCKED AND THE PUCK IS CLEARED AGAIN AND THAT’LL DO IT!!! RED WINGS TAKE GAME 3, 2-1! But the Ducks still lead the series 2-1 as we head into Game 4.

Game 4: The road team has won every game in this series thus far, and this one from Anaheim would be no different. And this one was rather ugly. The Red Wings notched 2 goals in the 1st period and they never looked back despite a scoreless 2nd period. They would go up 4-1 in the 3rd before settling for a 4-2 victory after a garbage time goal for the Ducks by Travis Moen. But the big news is that heading back to the the Joe, this series is tied at 2.

Game 5: The Detroit Red Wings were back to their old home ways of heavily out-shooting their foe, but this one would not be decided by shots on goal. The Ducks started things off in the 1st with a goal by Corey Perry. But in the 2nd period THE RED WINGS WOULD SCORE 4 GOALS!, including 2 goals at 5 seconds apart when the game was tied at 2! The Ducks would manage 1 goal in that period as alluded to, but they would be down 4-2 at the break setting up the 3rd period. 47 SECONDS INTO THE 3RD AND BOBBY RYAN SCORES!! AND THE RED WING LEAD IS DOWN TO 1!! Can the Ducks complete the comeback? YES THEY CAN!! WITH UNDER 11 MINUTES TO GO, CHRIS KUNITZ HAS TIED IT AT 4!! The Red Wings would do some more dominating of the shots, but they could not beat Hiller as we end up settling for OVERTIME! In OT, the Ducks and Red Wings tried to settle down a bit, with neither team getting too many shots or chances. 9:18 to go in the 1st OT and Draper is coming in, takes a SHOT…SAVED BY HILLER!! The Ducks take it the other way. PERRY A SHOT….SAVED BY OSGOOD!!! Whistle blows as the net is off it’s moorings. Faceoff won by the Ducks. Getzlaf wins the draw. Passes it to to Kunitz. Kunitz to Perry. PERRY TAKES THE SHOT AND HE SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DUCKS HAVE WON GAME 5 IN OVERTIME AND THEY HAVE TAKEN A 3-2 SERIES LEAD!!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!

Game 6: The Red Wings looked to continue the trend of the road teams winning with an early goal in the 1st 24 seconds by Hossa! Both teams would had a goal to their total in the 2nd period to make it 2-1 Detroit heading into the 3rd period of a key Game 6. Can the Red Wings continue the trend? Can the Ducks break the trend and take the series? Wisneiwski shoots it….SAVE! Another chance for Getzlaf and Osgood stops it again! Can the Ducks break through? Can they tie the series? CHANCE BY RYAN AND HE KNOCKS IT HOME!!! THE DUCKS HAVE TIED THE GAME!!! Back and forth they go afterward….UNDER A MINUTE IN REGULATION! TIED AT 2 IN GAME 6! 27 SECONDS TO GO….HOSSA SNAPS IT…….SAVE BY HILLER!!!! NO REBOUND NO MORE CHANCES!! OVERTIME IN GAME 6!!! In OT, the Red Wings do what they have done best and dominate play but nothing on the scoreboard. PENALTY ON ANAHEIM!! BUT WAIT, SHORTHANDED! DRIVE BY EBBETT….SAVED BY OSGOOD!!! WHAT A CHANCE!! The Red Wings take it the other way on the Power Play. Datsuyk shoots it and it’s saved by Hiller! REBOUND BY RAFALSKI AND HE CAN’T GET IT BY HILLER! Time continues to tick in the 1st OT, approaching the end of it. SHOT BY PARROS AND IT’S SAVED BY OSGOOD! REBOUND BRAD MAY OFF THE BACKHAND……NO!!! SAVED BY OSGOOD!! No other chances in the 1st OT means Double OT in the Honda Duck Pond. Not too many golden opportunities in this OT. You can tell the fatigue is setting in. It’s been a grueling series thus far and it’s been illustrated thus far in this Double OT. Under 5 to go in Double OT……SHOT BY DATSUYK…SAVED BY HILLER!! And now we’re under a minute in double OT! KUNITZ SHOOTS IT……HE SCORES!!!!!!!!!!! KUNITZ SCORES!!!!! KUNITZ SCORES!!!!!! THE DUCKS HAVE WON THE GAME!!!! THE DUCKS WIN GAME 6!!!! THEY’VE WON THE SERIES!!! THE 8-SEEDED ANAHEIM DUCKS ARE GOING TO THE CONFERENCE FINALS!! UNBELIEVEABLE!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!

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