Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Eagles Are Interested In Who??????

There are a lot of possible receivers that the Eagles could be interested in, but this one just struck me as odd and very un-Eagles like. The wide receiver that the Eagles are showing interest in is Chad "My Last Name Is No Longer Johnson" Ocho Cinco! Seriously. After the T.O. fiasco, the Eagles are interested in this guy! Via The Recliner GM

Michael Smith of ESPN is reporting that Eagles have shown interest in trading for WR Chad Johnson and OT Jason Peters.

Here is what he said:

"I am hearing there is interest in Chad Johnson. Now there’s been some back and forth as to whether or not he is officially on the market. I think everybody in Cincinnati has signed off on moving Chad Johnson except for owner Mike Brown. The Eagles could be in the picture. They have two first-round picks. They need a receiver"

He also said that the Eagles have engaged “in serious discussions” about Peters.
Well then! As far as acquiring Ocho Cinco goes, probably much to your surprise, I'm not sure if I could get all too giddy about that move, especially if it costs them a first round draft pick. He can be a trouble maker and is the master of the unnecessary celebration penalty. It also does not help him that he is getting up their in age. He's 31 and his productivity last year was not that high, although it must be said that Ryan Fitzpatrick, not Carson Palmer, was the starter for most of the year. The Bengals (for reasons that not even I know) are my 3rd favorite team in the NFL and I like Chad Johnson, but I just do not see the fit working here. If they want a dep threat like him, they'll be much more well-served to go after Anquan Boldin.

And just as a little FYI, I am thinking of adding a "song of the day" feature. I know what you're thinking, "what in the blue hell does that have to do with Andy Reid, Eagles, or sports in general?". The answer: it doesn't, but it's a little touch that I think might be nice to add to personalize it a little bit and to put a little more of me into this thing. And I don't always go for current pop. The types of music that will probably show up most often is alternative rock/hard rock/metal from 2000 onward, although, I'll probably stick in a few pop songs, some older songs that I like, and then there is my favorite, the non-single that no one has ever heard of. Some of my favorite songs are songs that were never released on the radio and/or as a single. And the one that I am planning on posting tomorrow is a great example of that. And while I will try to never intentionally repeat songs, chances are I will repeat artists at times, although never back to back, unless the occasion is special.


  1. Thank you for not playing any pop songs. Your play list should always feature rock.

    As for Ocho Cinco, he is not the walking disaster that T.O. is. Plus, he doesn't drop as many balls. I think he would be a great pickup.

  2. The excessive celebration penalties would kill me, though

  3. then there is my favorite, the non-single that no one has ever heard of.

    The other guy from Wham! finally gets the needed recognition he deserves.

    /Kidding. Interested to see how that goes tomorrow.

    If the Eagles can't get Boldin, Braylon Edwards is a decent Plan B (if the Giants don't get him first).

  4. I agree RJBO (about the Eagles receivers, not the guy from Wham! ;-)). Ocho Cinco is a good receiver, but the price for the trade and the potential locker room trouble and excessive celebration penalites will drive me nuts.


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