Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The 2009 NFL Schedule in Primetime

Sunday Night Football (8:20 PM on NBC, unless otherwise noted). (asterisk next to those that could be flexed)
Week 1 (Opening Thursday): Titans vs. Steelers, 8:30
Week 1: Bears vs. Packers
Week 2: New York Giants vs. Cowboys
Week 3: Colts vs. Cardinals
Week 4: Chargers vs. Steelers
Week 5: Colts vs. Titans
Week 6: Bears vs. Falcons
Week 7: Cardinals vs. Giants
Week 8: No game
Week 9: Cowboys vs. Eagles
Week 10: Patriots vs. Colts
*Week 11: Eagles vs. Bears
*Week 12: Steelers vs. Ravens
*Week 13: Patriots vs. Dolphins
*Week 14: Eagles vs. Giants
*Week 15: Vikings vs. Panthers
*Week 16: Cowboys vs. Redskins
*Week 17: TBD

Monday Night Football (8:30 on ESPN unless otherwise noted
Week 1 (doubleheader part 1): Bills vs. Patriots, 7:00
Week 1 (doubleheader part 2): Chargers vs. Raiders, 10:15
Week 2: Colts vs. Dolphins
Week 3: Panthers vs. Cowboys
Week 4: Packers vs. Vikings
Week 5: Jets vs. Dolphins
Week 6: Broncos vs. Chargers
Week 7: Eagles vs. Redskins
Week 8: Falcons vs. Saints
Week 9: Steelers vs. Broncos
Week 10: Ravens vs. Browns
Week 11: Titans vs. Texans
Week 12: Patriots vs. Saints
Week 13: Ravens vs. Packers
Week 14: Cardinals vs. 49ers
Week 15: Giants vs. Redskins
Week 16: Vikings vs. Bears
Week 17: No game

Thursday Night Football (8:20 on NFL Network unless other specified)
Weeks 1-9: No game
Week 10: Bears vs. 49ers
Week 11: Dolphins vs. Panthers
Week 12: Giants vs. Broncos
Week 13: Jets vs. Bills
Week 14: Steelers vs. Browns
Week 15: Colts vs. Jaguars
Week 15 (Saturday Night Special): Cowboys vs. Saints
Week 16: Chargers vs. Titans
Week 17: No game

And per usual, SNF > MNF > ThNF, although I must say that this looks like the strongest year of MNF on ESPN to date, but of course, you really can't tell right now, but the matchups are certainly eye-appealing thus far. Pats-Saints, Jets-Fins, Cowboys-Panthers, Cardinals-49ers (oh wait, scratch that last one, although it has become an MNF staple and the game last year was thrilling).

Oh, and Bears-Falcons, NBC? I can pretty much guarantee you that that is going to rival for lowest rated SNF on NBC game to date.

Primetime schedule (NFL.com)


  1. I would rather have all the good games on Sunday Night Football.

    Also the 49ers-Cardinals Monday night games are usually pretty good.

  2. Mike Martz's incompetence handed Arizona the division that night.

    Then Matt Hasselbeck shoved the title down their throat.

    That's the difference between Arizona in the Super Bowl and the 49ers doing who knows what in the playoffs.

  3. Now now, tell us how you really feel, mookie. :D


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