Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eagles Schedule Released

We've known since the end of the regular season the 16 teams that the Eagles were playing, but here is the exact schedule with dates and times included. And much to my disappointment, the Eagles don't get the Broncos until Week 16. And it's a 1:00 CBS game. Damn, that would have made for great primetime fun early in the year. (all times PM eastern)

Week 1: 9/13/09, Eagles @ Carolina, 1:00 Fox
Week 2: 9/20/09, Saints @ Eagles, 1:00 Fox
Week 3: 9/27/09, Chiefs @ Eagles, 1:00 CBS
Week 4: Bye
Week 5: 10/11/09, Buccaneers @ Eagles, 1:00 Fox
Week 6: 10/18/09, Eagles @ Raiders, 4:05 Fox
Week 7: 10/26/09, Eagles @ Redskins, 8:30 ESPN
Week 8: 11/1/09, Giants @ Eagles, 4:15 Fox
Week 9: 11/8/09, Cowboys @ Eagles, 8:20 NBC
Week 10: 11/15/09, Eagles @ Chargers, 4:15 Fox
Week 11: 11/22/09, Eagles @ Bears, 8:20 NBC
Week 12: 11/29/09, Redskins @ Eagles, 1:00 Fox
Week 13: 12/6/09, Eagles @ Falcons, 1:00 Fox
Week 14: 12/13/09, Eagles @ Giants, 8:20 NBC
Week 15: 12/20/09, 49ers @ Eagles, 1:00 Fox
Week 16: 12/27/09, Broncos @ Eagles, 1:00 CBS
Week 17: 1/3/10, Eagles @ Cowboys, 1:00 Fox

The schedule makers are really tiring out on ideas for Eagles on SNF and MNF games. For the 2nd year in a row the Eagles play the Bears on SNF and for the third year in a row the Eagles get the Giants on SNF and the Cowboys are an SNF game as well. And the Eagles are once again playing the Redskins on ESPN something that seems to happen pretty much every year. Last year was an odd anamoly to say the least in regards to an Eagles-Skins game not getting a slot on The Leader.

Seeing as the teams were already known, there really is not much else I can say about this other than this is going under the Eagles pre-season schedule on the sidebar. It is impossible to assess the difficultiness or easiness of this schedule at this time of the year, and whomever tries to is merely using a ploy for ratings (I'm looking at you ESPN and NFL-N). I mean we have not even had the Draft yet for goodness sakes! The only other note that I can come up with this schedule is that I don't like that Week 4 bye. I'd much prefer it to be around that mid-point of the season but I'm sure that that is something that the Eagles could frankly careless about at this time. I'll have a post up shortly for the SNF, MNF, and NFL-N games and that too will end up on the sidebar.

Links to individual schedule of all 32 teams (NFL.com)


  1. The Cutler trade changed a lot in the scheduling likely.

    Meanwhile Cutler is coming to Qwest week 3!!

  2. We get Cutler in Primetime on Thursday night on the NFL Network.

    Good thing I have Comcast cable.


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