Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Phillies To Meet With President Obama

Ah, the advantages of being World Fucking Champions! Next week the Phillies are set to go down to Washington for a series with the Nationals. And they'll be spending an unusual day off in the middle of the series to meet someone of rather high importance that just so happens to live in that area. Yep, you guessed it. As World Fucking Champions, the Phillies have been invited to the White House to meet President Barack Obama! From the 700 Level

The Phillies will play the Nationals next Monday in our nation's capital. On their off day on Tuesday, the 2008 World Champions will get a chance to meet Barack Obama at the White House. "It should be very exciting," first baseman Ryan Howard said. "I'm looking forward to it."
And I thought it was a neat privilege to be a fan of said Phillies at the parade after they won the World Series where some odd delay had me staring straight into the eyes of Harry Kalas and (Flyers PbP man) Jim Jackson for 20 minutes. Talk about the privileges of actually being World Champions!

And what's with this rumor that Joe Biden is actually more of a Yankees fan than a Phillies fan? What happened to being proud of being from the Scranton/Delaware area? Being a Yankee fan in this area are treated just about the same as Mets fans are. And to think that I voted for you! Oh well, at least one half of the executive branch that I voted for has some respect for good baseball...

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  1. I actually called this this past January in one of my live blogs...


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