Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So I've Taken Up This Little Challenge....

Over at The O Files, JamesCraven put up a challenge to donate $.01 per second to a "charity of Keith [Olbermann]'s choice" if Sean Hannity goes through with his agreement he made to be waterboarded, as seen below, and double if he admits that it is torture.

Olbermann is donating $1,000 to charity per second that Hannity is waterboarded and double if he admits it is torture. JC, as mentioned above, as lowered the standard quite a bit. Now me being the poor, financially inept, skin-flinted college student that I am, I have decided that that would be too much for me. Yes, even $.01 per second, which would most likely equate to $.10....if he ends up admitting it was torture. So I have decided to take up a new, perhaps more interesting challenge. If Sean Hannity goes through with his promise and allows himself to be waterboarded with some documentation other than word of mouth that it happened, I will stop blogging and commenting on all blogs for a week. And if Sean Hannity admits that waterboarding is torture and/or that he feared for his life, I will make it 2 weeks without blogging and commenting on others' blogs.

Hell, you know what, I just thought of this right now. I'll raise the stakes, make this even more funner and challenging for myself. I'll torture myself in my own unique way. I'll stay off the internet, period! 1 week just for doing it with documentation; 2 weeks if he admits that it is torture.

(Note: I am not trivializing waterboarding to say the least. I fully, 100% believe that it is torture. However, other people other than Keith Olbermann have pledged various things if Sean Hannity goes through with it. Now whether we are right or wrong in doing so, that is your call, but I am just letting you know my stance on this.)


  1. I was going to suggest getting in touch with Nathan Brice and letting him do one post here for Hannity's attempt and two for the admission, but I think only you want to suffer*, right?

    *I 100% agree with your disclaimer at the end of the post

  2. I'd sooner torture Nathan brice with something else. Sleep depravation*.

    * - The view does not expressly reflect my opinions.

  3. I would like to see Olberman and his girlfriend Rachael Maddaw be waterboarded. Then I would donate money.


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