Sunday, April 5, 2009

"UNC > Nova > Dook: Basic Math"

Well, that was certainly a depressing game for Nova fans. I can't say I'm surprised, however, although I guess disappointed would be an appropriate word. Disappointed because after being outplayed in the first half by the North Carolina Tar Heels (a.k.a. The Angry Goats on Steroids), UNC took their foot off the gas and Villanova Wildcats did not take advantage of that opportunity. Their 3-point shooting was deplorable beyond measure and UNC was just ridiculous along the boards.

I will say this though about North Carolina, forget Tyler Hansbrough, I was much more impressed by Danny Green. Let me tell you what, that kid is NBA ready and he has the potential to be a star if he ends up with the right team for him.

Well, there is always next year for the Wildcats. Jay Wright is a good coach and you have to have faith that he will get Villanova back in the NCAA tournament. And hey, Villanova eliminated Duke. That alone will forever be priceless for me.

As far as Philly sports goes, tomorrow is a new day. For tomorrow night is opening day for the Philadelphia Phillies. They'll be taking on the Atlanta Braves on Sunday Night Baseball at 8 PM on ESPN2, and yes, I will be live blogging that right here at FARN. And I will not be losing CoverItLive. Back to the old style (what a shame Nathan/Mark/Tom/Tyler/"OMDQ"/"S2N"/Ty/Andrew). As far as the game goes, Cole Hamels will not be starting, he has not yet fully recovered from his Spring Training injury, instead it will be Brett Myers taking on the Braves' newly acquired pither Derek Lowe live from Citizens Bank Park.

And just as a reminder of the good times from last year (and to cure some disappointment from the Wildcats' loss)....

Not quite sure why the person who made this video used the song, "Prostitute" by Guns n' Roses, but it works, in a weird way. My favorite part of that whole vid was how Chris Wheeler completely lost it in the booth. Harry Kalas is sitting down as calmly as possible making the call, meanwhile he is up dancing and celebrating and seemingly showing off his Tae-Kwon-Do moves. And lastly, the 3 words that are forever etched into the minds of Philadelphians, and are particularly helpful and inspiring whenever a team like Villanova disappoints like they did tonight.

I love how the crowd absolutely went nuts after the f-bomb. Too funny. And if you think that this is a phrase that I like, you're wrong. Just the other day, I saw someone with a t-shirt that said, "World Phuckin Champions". Yeah. That is pretty much the Phillies new rallying cry for Philadelphians (and my email signature).


Go Phillies!!!

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