Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A History Lesson From Jack Edwards

We all know how big of a homer Jack Edwards is for NESN. That really is not breaking any ground and I'm sure everyone who reads this blog knows it. But last night, Jack Edwards once again went completely crazy after the Bruins got their empty net goal against the Canadiens. And I'm not talking about just screaming, "YES!", Edwards went on a full-fledged tangent about how the Montreal Canadiens were the "Red Coats" of the NHL and the Bruins were the "rag tag farmers" of the 13 colonies rebelling against said Red Coats. Yes, Jack Edwards somehow managed a Revolutionary War reference while calling an empty net goal. Here's the video for proof.

All we needed to add to that was a reference to King Penguin, and this clip would have been good as gold!

/Blackadder'd and JamesCraven'd.

Jack Edwards would like to tell you how the Canadiens are the "Red Coats" (Awful Announcing)

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