Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jay Cutler Has Successfully Cried His Way Out Of Denver

Breaking news coming out of the NFL this early evening. Jay Cutler is no longer a Denver Bronco. He has indeed been traded. And the lucky team that has won itself one of the biggest crybabies in the NFL is.......the Chicago Bears!

And when I say breaking news, I mean this is literally breaking news, as in I'm pretty sure I'm one of the first blogs to have this up. The NFL does not even have a story up yet, just this tidbit at the top filed as Breaking News.

"The Denver Broncos announced Thursday that they have agreed in principle to trade QB Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears. Terms of the deal have not been announced."
More on this when the information becomes available.

Update:Well then! That was fast. Via's Steve Wyche reports that the Broncos will receive three draft picks (first-rounders this year and in 2010 and one of the Bears' two third-rounders this year) and quarterback Kyle Orton in exchange for Cutler and a 2009 fifth-round selection. The third-rounder the Bears will surrender is not yet known.
Whoa! 2 first round draft picks for a disgruntled QB who has not exactly played up to most expectations and has not led his team to any playoff games? Well then! Certainly seems like a high price to pay for such a QB, but when you're Chicago and you've been used to Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton (a.k.a. Neckbeard the Pirate), signing a QB who has shown to be nothing better than slightly above mediocre is like the Bears somehow landing Peyton Manning.

And wait.....hidden in all this is that Neckbeard the Pirate is now a Bronco! I am really beginning to pity Brian Dawkins and Correll Buckhalter. The AFC West just became San Diego's to lose......and we have not even had the Draft yet!

But despite the fact they have just gained one of the worst QBs possible out of this trade (it could have been worse, they could have gotten Grossman), with the plethora of draft picks they received, I'd give the edge in this trade to Denver. Not that that's really saying much as I think that both teams are now fucked for the year.


  1. I don't know, I give Chicago the edge provided they get decent receivers.

    Cutler doesn't play defense. I saw the Broncos get lit up for 52 and collapse to the Bills.

    He is to me, potentially an elite talent.

    Orton on the other hand is just drunk.

  2. The one person that I forgot about when I typed this (I seriously have been scrambling to be in 50,000 places all day long, so you'll have to forgive me) is Matt Forte. He could give an edge to Chicago. Buckhalter thinks he is starting caliber, but he really is nothing special. A good back-up, but not a starter.

    That Denver defense is partly at fault, but just watching him, I have never been wowed by Jay Cutler.


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