Friday, April 24, 2009

And With The #1 Pick In The Draft, The Detroit Lions Have Signed.......

........Quarterback Matthew Stafford; University of Georgia. Yep, that's right. The Lions and Stafford have agreed to a 6-year, $41.7 million deal. Via

According to a source, Stafford will receive a six-year, $41.7 million deal that could be worth $78 million if he achieves all of his playing incentives. The source also said he will receive $41.7 million in guarantees. That tops the $41 million in guarantees Albert Haynesworth received from the Washington Redskins.

Stafford would have to make the Pro Bowl each year to get to $78 million, so he has a better chance to make $72 million. In order to receive the full $41.7 million in guarantees, Stafford has to play 35 percent of the downs as a rookie or 45 percent in later years of the contract
Well way to ruin the drama! Although I do not think that there was much doubt that the Lions were going to choose Stafford. The real drama will undoubtally come with where on earth does Mark Sanchez wind up. But as far as Stafford goes, let's see if he can do what all Detroit Lion QBs failed to do last a game!

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  1. Matt Stafford goes on to have a horrible career with Detroit.

    /Joey Harrington'd.


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