Monday, April 20, 2009

Welcome To The Phillies, Raul Ibanez!

We've seen this before. The Phillies are perhaps one of the best and funniest at pranking their own players and yesterday they were at it again. This time the victim was a rather unsuspecting Raul Ibanez who was giving an interview after he hit a game-winning 2-run walkoff homerun that won the game for the Phillies, 5-4. I hope Raul likes pie.....

"Oh, shit!"

Too funny! Am I the first one that has ever thought to ask, why on earth would the Phillies have a shaving cream pie with them in the dugout? Regardless, it was still hilarious. Ibanez did not see Victorino coming at all, which made the outcome even funnier. But even so, it still does not top the prank they pulled on Kyle Kendrick last year...


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