Friday, April 3, 2009

An Exclusive Look At The Final Four

Here we come, Detroit! Tomorrow is one of the most dramatic days in sports and as we all know, that day is Final Four Saturday. And this year, we have two very different match-ups, but yet, I feel that they are both just as compelling and should be both be fun, despite the potential of 2 very different looking scoreboards by the end of the game.

Game 1: Michigan State vs. UConn

This will be our low-scoring game of the day. Michigan State will try for the slower tempo and UConn is not the team that can knock down 3s back to back to create a quicker tempo. Expect a Big 10 affair and I see this one being a close one down to the wire with the possibility of either pulling away. And even though it is UConn who will be sporting the home jersies, Michigan State will have the clear home-court advantage and that will be enough to put them over the top in this one. Yes, I just did say that. Michigan State will be going to the national championshii game.

Final Score: Michigan State 63, UConn 58.

Game 2: Villanova vs. North Carolina

Villanova has proven thus far in the tournament that they are not intimidated by the names on the front of the jersies (just ask UCLA, Duke, and to a lesser extent, Pitt). However, as a Nova fan, this is the team that scares me the most. And by scares me the most, I mean that, in my opinion, this is the de facto national championship game. I think both of these teams will be able to handle Michigan State or UConn. But back to this game, I see this as everything Villanova has, North Carolina has more and better of. Scottie Reynolds is a beast but he'll only be able to do so much. As much as I don't want to see it, the magical ride for the Wildcats will end in heartbreak in Detroit.

Final Score: North Carolina 88, Villanova 80.

Enjoy the Final Four everyone!

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