Saturday, April 25, 2009

NBA Playoffs Day 8 Open Thread

Today's games....

Game 3: Denver @ New Orleans 1:00 PM (ESPN - Dave Pasch and Jon Barry, SR: Ric Bucher)

Game 4: San Antonio @ Dallas 4:00 PM (TNT - Marv Albert and Reggie Miller, SR: Marty Snider)

Game 3: Atlanta @ Miami 6:30 PM (TNT - Dick Stockton and Mike Fratello, SR: Cheryl Miller)

Game 4: Los Angeles @ Utah 9:00 PM (ESPN - Dan Shulman and Doris Burke, SR: Nancy Lieberman)

Enjoy the games and leave comments! Even though I think you'll all know where I'll be today.....


  1. The O Files NFL Draft Live Blog starts today at 3:30 PM US EDT.

    Unless your name is Nathan Brice or one of the other bazillion aliases, be there or be L7.

  2. At least New Orleans sells out their games, Philly.


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