Sunday, April 5, 2009

2009 Phillies Schedule: April

I just thought of this idea this morning, but I've decided to do for the Phillies what I am doing for the World Cup, and that is to have the schedule up on the side bar. Again, I will update the results of the games as frequent as possible, but please, if I forget to do it a day or 2, you can kindly remind me or not say anything. I will do it as frequently as I possibly can. Also, about once a week or so I will have the MLB Standings by Division (and by Wildcard come August and September) up for you to follow your favorite teams (okay, so this is mostly for me to keep me on track because I can't and I don't watch every game, but still). Once each month begins I will add that months schedule to the Phillies Schedule/Results link box, which I will have up shortly. Enjoy! (all times eastern)

April 5: vs. Atlanta L 4-1
April 7: vs. Atlanta L 4-0
April 8: vs. Atlanta W 11-12
April 10: @ Colorado L 3-10
April 11: @ Colorado W 8-4
April 12: @ Colorado W 7-5
April 13: @ Washington W 9-8
April 15: @ Washington PPD
April 16: @ Washington L 2-8
April 17: vs. San Diego L 8-7
April 18: vs. San Diego L 8-5
April 19: vs. San Diego W 4-5
April 20: vs. San Diego PPD
April 21: vs. Milwaukee W 4-11
April 22: vs. Milwaukee L 3-1
April 23: vs. Milwaukee L 6-1
April 24: @ Florida W 7-3
April 25: @ Florida W 6-4 F/10
April 26: @ Florida W 13-2
April 27: vs. Washington W 11-13
April 28: vs. Washington W 1-7
April 29: vs. Washington L 4-1

MLB Standings (as of the end of the games on 4/30)

NL East
Florida 14-8
Philadelphia 2 GB
Atlanta 3.55 GB
New York 4.5 GB
Washington 8.5 GB

NL Central
St. Louis 16-7
Milwaukee 3.5 GB
Pittsburgh 4 GB
Cincinnati 4 GB
Chicago 5 GB
Houston 6.5 GB

NL West
Los Angeles 15-8
San Francisco 3.5 GB
San Diego 3.5 GB
Arizona 5.5 GB
Colorado 5.5 GB

NL Wildcard
Philadelphia 11-9
Milwaukee 12-10
Cincinnati 0.5 GB
Pittsburgh 0.5 GB
San Diego 1 GB
San Francisco 1 GB
Atlanta 1.5 GB
Chicago 1.5 GB
New York 2.5 GB
Arizona 3 GB
Houston 3 GB
Colorado 3 GB
Washington 6.5 GB

AL East
Boston 14-8
Toronto 15-9
New York 2 GB
Baltimore 5 GB
Tampa Bay 5.5 GB

AL Central
Kansas City 12-10
Chicago 0.5 GB
Detroit 0.5 GB
Minnesota 1 GB
Cleveland 4 GB

AL West
Seattle 13-9
Texas 2.5 GB
Los Angeles 3.5 GB
Oakland 3.5 GB

AL Wildcard
Boston 14-8
Toronto 15-9
New York 2 GB
Chicago 2.5 GB
Detroit 2.5 GB
Minnesota 3 GB
Texas 3.5 GB
Los Angeles 4.5 GB
Oakland 4.5 GB
Baltimore 5 GB
Tampa Bay 5.5 GB
Cleveland 6 GB


  1. "Boom Outta Here" is the opening day starter?

    Hammels couldn't return fast enough.

  2. Yep. Myers is once again the opening day starter. They are holding Hamels out a little bit and it is projected that he will essentially be 5th in the rotation and start April 11 at Colorado.

    I wonder at what point a douche bag over at ESPN or TBS will say "how on earth is Cole Hamels the 5th person in the rotation?"...


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