Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Donovan McNabb Has A New Occupation

At least according to Matt Vasgersian....

My, Donovan....you sure have put on some weight. And my.....Donovan, how you have also shrunken. You gotta stop working out in the desert, man. It's killing you.

In all seriousness, though, I've seen that clip 3 times and am yet to make out any resemblence at all to Donovan McNabb. I'm now beginning to wonder if Matt Vasgersian was high. And I love how he was told in his ear that they were live! Although, somehow, I think he knew (or at least as much as you can know after you just took some LSD...)

Another Awkward Moment in Television History Featuring Matt Vasgersian (Bugs & Cranks)


  1. I saw this over at AA, and Vasgersian must be going crazy. I didn't see any sort of resemblance.

  2. I had seen it before AA posted it but I got side-tracked and was not able to post it until after he posted it.

    Yeah, um, it may be 4th and Respectible Career for Matt Vasgersian.

    /09 Fiesta Bowl'd.


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