Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When Sparty Wins They Riot And When Sparty Loses They Riot

As Keith's Sports Journal pointed out the other day, the Michigan State Spartans rioted in East Lansing following their big win over UConn. Well, it seems like that they have decided to take up the ole' Philly motto. You know, that one that says, "when we win we riot, when we lose we riot", yeah, that one. They have channeled thier inner-Philadelphians and they rioted after the national championship game. A national championship game that saw their only lead as 3-2 and a national championship game where the closest they got in the 2nd half was pulling within 13! From the Yahoo! News

Authorities have reported 12 fires and 21 arrests in the city that's home to Michigan State University after its basketball team lost the national championship.

The East Lansing Police Department said Tuesday that about 1,700 people gathered Monday night at the Cedar Village apartment complex near campus. The crowd dwindled and dispersed early Tuesday amid cold temperatures and light snow.

Police say 230 officers from several area departments assisted to deal with crowds. They arrested people on various charges, including four for attempted arson. Fires included a mattress and couch that were set ablaze.
Good times going down in East Lansing! Gooooood times. And FYI, compared to what happens in Philly, all I can say is WHIM-PY!!!


  1. I thought they only burned couches in W. Virginia?

  2. Yeah, but did they throw Crown Royal bottles at fans on lightpoles knocking them down?


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