Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cubs Fans Are Insanely Desparate; Emphasis On The Insane

There are die-hard fans, there are crazy fans, and then there are the downright insane fans. And folks, we find one of those downright insane fans in Chicago yesterday! As we all know, the Cubs have not been to a World Series since a man who was not permitted to have his goat at the game "cursed" the Cubbis in the 1940s. So naturally, some Cubs fan decided to do what failed in 2007, and that was hang a dead goat on the statue of the late, great Harry Caray! Makes perfect sense! Via the Chicago Sun Times

The Friendly Confines became the Freaky Confines Monday.

A goat’s head was found hanging from the statue of Harry Caray prior to Wrigley Field’s Cubs home opener.

A similar incident occurred in 2007, in what many perceived as a bizarre attempt to lift the notorious Billy Goat curse.

Police said they received a 911 call about the goat around 2:40 a.m. Monday.

The goat’s head was dangling from a rope on one of Caray’s outstretched arms, according to Town Hall District police, who took the head down and disposed of it. It was not known how the goat died, police said.
Maybe the Cubbies fans were just trying to replicate what Philly did on a more creepier level. To counter the Curse of William Penn, where no Philly team had won a championship since a building in Philadelphia was built taller than the Statue of William Penn, something that was long agreed in the city would not happen, the city of Philadelhpia placed a small figurine on top of the now-tallest building in Philadelphia, the Comcast Building, and low and behold, a year of so later, the Phillies are World Fucking Champions!

Now maybe if they allow a billy goat into Wrigley, that will break the curse, but hanging a dead goat's head on Harry Caray's statue at night will only serve to scare anyone who walks by that statue at the time completely shitless. And it also provides us with some good comedy on this blog; I guess you really can't overlook that.

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