Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Official: Habs Fans Are Bigger Douche Bags Than The Worst Flyers Fans

So it's been well-documented that Habs fans have been booing the national anthem this Boston series (as has been done in series past) and in the open thread last night, I mentioned that I thought I recalled that Flyers fans retaliated during their series. Well, I think you guys might want to check this out.

From last year's Habs-Bruins series in Montreal....

And from last year's Habs-Flyers series....

Talk about a huge difference! Granted some Flyers fans were being disrespectful, but a decent majority stood with respect and reverence, whereas opposed to Montreal, they had absolutely no class and no respect.

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  1. I forget who the Sharks were playing, but I remember Sharks fans booing the Canadian National Athem during a playoff game.


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