Wednesday, April 1, 2009


YES!!!! I begged and pleaded for them to do so but I never thought the day would actually come! At the price of a 1st and 3rd round draft pick, the Eagles have traded for Anquan Boldin! Let me repeat that, ANQUAN BOLDIN IS NOW AN EAGLE! Via CSN Philly.

Talks were numerous over the off-season, but Anquan Boldin, the disgruntled Arizona Cardinal wide receiver, has been traded to the Eagles for the 21st pick in this year's draft and an additional 3rd round pick.

Boldin, in his 6 seasons as a Cardinal, has a total of 502 receptions for 6,496 yards and a total of 40 touchdowns.

"I am really excited to be an Eagle", said Boldin this morning. "I look forward to working with Coach Reid and the Eagles organization and I hope that I can help bring a Super Bowl trophy to this city."
Let me just say it one more time, ANQUAN BOLDIN IS AN EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!! The Eagles have made numerous questionnable moves this offseason but this is by a mile one of the best moves they have made in recent memory. McNabb wanted a playmaker and he has one now. And with the albeit now somewhat faded prospect of the Eagles drafting Anquan's brother, D.J. Boldin in the draft, the possibilites are endless if they do. What was always considered a weakness of the Eagles has just become a major strength for them.


Eagles trade for Anquan Boldin (CSN Philly)

Update: I urge you all to click on the links. You'll find that they have some really interesting info on the trade. And even though they both say CSN Philly, they are 2 different articles! The one up top is the story which has really good information throughout, and the one on the bottom is a really good column on the trade.


  1. You sure that the date has anything to do with it?

  2. Nope. Nothing. Nothing at all...

  3. Sure a joke.....

    We all know you cry yourself to sleep thinking about that trade.

  4. Must you be so creul, 49er16? :'-(

    And did you click on my links? ;-p

  5. I seriously urge you all to click on the links, they have some really good information about this trade.

  6. Remember that College Humor prank war thing about the half-court blindfolded shot?

    The Orlando Magic ripped it off and gave a fan a Nestle 100 Grand candy bar. Needless to say, the fan was not amused.


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